Test Automation

When to Automate a Test?

Useful guidelines for making the decision if a test case is worth the time and energy of automating By: Charles Rodriguez and Alejandro Berardinelli “Let’s automate testing as much as possible.” That always sounds like a good idea, right? It’s the way the world is…

Embracing AI Based Testing – The New Era

How can Artificial Intelligence enhance software testing? Hear from Testim.io Developer Evangelist, Raj Subramanian. Technology has drastically evolved throughout the past decade. Many innovations have deeply influenced our lives such as smartphones, bitcoin, electric cars, and blockchain, but artificial intelligence (AI) definitely tops the list….

Selenium vs Watir

Choosing between these two test automation tools for an automation framework I recently got started on a client project in which I’m putting together an automation framework, where, luckily, I’ve been given some objectives that are quite clear to fulfill. I want to discuss one…