The School Control Committee (SMC) is basically a team of the whole ministry of education who are in charge of for the graceful functioning daily in all the educational facilities. It is generally formed for every college to address the actual problems and issues facing the school. The college management committee has the power to make decisions and plans for the school. They meet up with at least once a month to discuss the existing affairs in the school. There is also a get together of SMC for those special events that the university must organize. The general interacting with of the SMC is once in a month, which is presented at least once in a year.

The primary education is one of the major concerns in the area. It is very important for each and every child to possess a primary education to be able to take part well in the country’s developmental society. At this time there are numerous issues that occur in taking care of the schools with this matter, that are discussed inside the primary education committee meeting. The primary issues that in order to are curriculum review, this, financial control, primary educating, learning of basic expertise, parental control, peer pressure and willpower, bullying, category management and many others.

Every month you can find an SMC meeting which involves the whole ministry, which is prepared and work by the college principals and heads. The meeting includes the evaluations of the previous month’s activities and reports returning to the ministry. This is the main body of the School Management Committee, which usually oversees the operations for the secondary high schools in the entire country. This article is written to introduce to you the School Management Committee, which can be responsible for preserving an educational system that ensures a well-balanced expansion for the youngsters, both in terms of physical and mental expansion.