Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Inspired by love and software testing, I wrote an original article for StickyMinds called A Valentine for Testers.

Summary: Great testers are hard to find, so if you work with some, you want to keep them! As with any long-lasting relationship, sustaining it requires continuous effort, but it’s very rewarding. Here’s how coworkers, clients, and managers can show testers some love this Valentine’s Day—and maybe be loved in return, too.

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Here are some valentines for testers that you can send or tweet this Valentine’s Day!
[tweet_dis_img inject=”#QA #SoftwareTesting”]love bugs[/tweet_dis_img]

[tweet_dis_img inject=”#QA”]valentines for testers[/tweet_dis_img]

[tweet_dis_img inject=”#QA”]valentine for testers[/tweet_dis_img]

Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of bugs, love bugs that is!

Okay, that’s enough cheesiness for one post!

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