Recently we were surprised to hear about a company that has an application for reading access logs and graphing them, making comparisons with time thresholds expected. This is used as a base to later establish goals for these systems’ managers. For instance: for reducing response time by 20% the manager responsible is awarded a specific prize (monetary or another kind at the end).

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This leads to having a dashboard that, for one reason or another, enables us to measure and control and most of all improve the performance of different systems. It’s really interesting.

This is possible thanks to an internal tool that they developed. It is something that can be easily implemented using Nagios, or the tool called AccessLogAnalyzer, for example, which we released recently free of charge.

Would you like to propose this for your company to help reduce response times? Are you actually at least monitoring the timing of your systems?

It’s true for any user: the faster the better!

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